Friday, July 12, 2013

Turrets Syndrome

While we spent most of our Korčula time in or on the water, we did find time to make a few visits to its eponymous Old Town.

Even by Croatian standards, the views were sublime. 

These people know how to make an entrance.

This particular walled town had barbarians at the gate -- notice the turret facing the bay.

No longer vital for defense, apparently, it had been converted into a bar... one where the drinks were raised up by ropes from dungeon-dwelling mixologists.

We were happy to raise the average age of the clientele just by showing up.

You couldn't ask for a better place to kick back and enjoy a drink.

Except you probably didn't want to kick back too far, or you'd find yourself in the Adriatic.



On a later visit, the boys put their own mark on the city.

They were spellbound by the traditional Korčullan Sword Dance, complete with red and black armies and a damsel in considerable distress.

The swordplay, though highly choreographed, was nevertheless suitably violent for their tastes.

And they were both pleased when the entire black army was slain.

After overcoming some initial jitters about language barriers, Miles and Leo also became regulars at the evening kids' beach soccer game in Lumbarda.
"Gooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!" turns out to be the same in every language.

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